Roulette Wheel

Roulette Wheel 1.0

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Roulette Puzzle Fun 1.0: A fun little puzzle game based on a roulette wheel.
Roulette Puzzle Fun 1.0

A fun little puzzle game based on a roulette wheel.

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Super Prize Wheel 2.1.1: Super Prize Wheel for retailers, supermarkets, stores, malls, trade shows
Super Prize Wheel 2.1.1

wheel with different colors, sectors, rings, circle, texts and pictures. There are 2 programs in Super Prize Wheel: Wheel Editor and Wheel Player. Design the prize wheel with Wheel Editor, add prize sector to wheel and define the quantity of prize. Use Wheel Player to create prize wheel project with the prize wheel created with Wheel Editor, run the prize wheel project. Features: *There can be up to 100 prizes in a prize wheel. *Both texts and pictures

retailers, games, trade shows, supermarkets, stores, malls, prize wheel, parties

SoundWheel 1.2.1: Control sound volume with the mouse wheel from any application
SoundWheel 1.2.1

wheel into a volume control. When you release the hot key, your mouse wheel keeps working as usual. The Sound Wheel tray icon indicates the current volume level and the mouse wheel current state. You can invoke the standard Windows volume control dialog by double-clicking the Sound Wheel tray icon. Sound Wheel is fully customizable. You can set up a hot key and tune the mouse wheel sensitivity. Sound Wheel brings a new level of usability into the

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WheelKeys 1.0

wheel which appears in the system tray when you have started WheelKeys. Suggestion: If you think that WheelKeys is not very user friendly, or if it doesn`t work, please buy Mouse Wheel Control by Ardamax Software. It is a wonderful program which has inspired me to make WheelKeys. Installation: Uzipping the zip file will create WheelKeys.exe, a sample Wheels.txt and the README file. There is no installation, double-klick WheelKeys.exe to start WheelKeys

mouse wheel, simulate keystrokes, mousewheel

Roulette Lucky Number Generator 1.0: Roulette LNG will help you to find personal lucky numbers for playing roulette!
Roulette Lucky Number Generator 1.0

Roulette Lucky Number Generator by to make your roulette gameplay more systematic! Roulette LNG is a special tool for online roulette players which generates personal lucky numbers recommended for player to bet on in the gameplay. To get your lucky numbers you must follow such steps: Install the toolbar 1. Choose "Add to Firefox" at a special Firefox add-on page to install Roulette Lucky Number Generator in your browser. 2. Restart

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Tordex Wheel 1.0

Tordex Wheel is a useful and small application that adds intelligence to the mouse wheel. By default, when you roll the mouse wheel, Windows roll the currently active window and ignore the mouse cursor position. With Tordex Wheel, Windows rolls the window under the mouse cursor, so you can scroll windows, lists, etc. without having to activate them. Using Tordex Wheel is very simple. Just run it and Tordex Wheel will improve your mouse wheel.

tordex, windows, mouse, wheel

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